Mazda of Knoxville – Knoxville, TN

Cope Architecture designed a new 24,600 square foot Mazda of Knoxville, which included an 11,000 square foot service center. Cope was challenged to create an environment in the new service center that would be comfortable year-round without conditioning, and even in the hottest months, the fast-acting doors remain closed with the technicians able to work in comfort. In addition to the natural ventilation already serving the space, an in-ground exhaust system was distributed to each bay to allow for maximum flexibility for the function of each of the repair bays. 

The new service center included 15 bays with in-ground lifts and an alignment bay with the latest technology, which was also integrated and hidden in the slab. All equipment serving the new center including air compressors and reservoirs was able to be consolidated into one well ventilated space that also remains cool in the summer months.