Gibbs Elementary School 

* 2007 TSBA Award Winner

Cope Architecture designed a new elementary school for the Gibbs Community on a 69-acre site. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology and communications. The school is designed for security during school hours with interior access gained only through the front administrative office. Cope master planned the entire site for the elementary school and a future middle school. Particular attention was given to student safety, separating bus pick-up and car drop-off areas. The building is 123,391 square feet with a core capacity of 1,000 students. Included are a gymnasium, music room, art center, and full-service cafeteria which are all available for after-hours use while keeping the remainder of the school secure.

The cafeteria has a fully equipped and kitchen and the student dining area seats approximately 330 students per shift. The gymnasium has a raised stage platform and can seat up to approximately 500 people. The media center is fully outfitted with shelf storage for printed media and wired for computer information technology. The one-story design and plan configuration were based on centralizing the school’s core functions (administrative offices, gym, cafeteria and media center) and providing separate wings for grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Individual teaching planning areas and student toilet areas are provided for each wing. Color finishes delineate wings so the students can easily master their environment. The masonry wall structure has two colors of exterior brick veneer. The roofs are sloped membrane roofing. The entire building is air conditioned using a combination of central roof top mounted units for common areas and individual ground-mounted local heat pumps for individual control of each classroom space.