Caryville Elementary School

Cope Architecture provided project management, architectural design and civil engineering services for a new state-of-the-art elementary school, enabling students, parents, teachers, and the community to explore creativity and inventiveness by replacing the existing, aging school. The small, narrow site dictated a linear site design and the site topography required significant site work to create a building pad for a one-story facility. The new school is on 15 acres and has a core capacity for 700 with classrooms for an initial 600 students in 75,998 square feet of space. The facility is planned for ease of growth for additional classroom space. Teacher planning areas and student toilets are provided for each wing. The design allows the community to make use of the gymnasium (with stage and bleachers for 1,000), cafeteria, library, and other communal spaces after school hours while still allowing for secured classrooms. A secure point of entry is controlled by the administration area. Bus and car traffic are separated for safe and efficient flow of student pickup and drop-off at peak arrival and dismissal times.